Loyalty promotions

Make the most of every gallon with promotions and programs from Mobil.

Happy Liberation Day!

Earn 6 Mobil Smiles points* for every gallon** of fuel purchased from July 20, 2019 to July 22, 2019. *Mobil Smiles Student members will earn 12 Mobil Smiles points per gallon** of fuel purchased.

Smiles Driver Rewards program

For instant redemptions, just inform the cashier of the amount of free fuel or convenience store items you wish to redeem. Your cashier will check your Smiles points balance and deduct the required Smiles points from your Smiles account.

  • $7 worth of Synergy fuels - 250 Smiles points
  • $15 worth of Synergy fuels - 500 Smiles points
  • $1 worth of Mart product* - 40 Smiles points
  • $10 worth of car wash voucher - 250 Smiles points
  • $5 donation to the American Red Cross, Guam Chapter - 200 Smiles points
Get your FAQs here or call our Mobil Smiles customer service hotline 1-866-486-6696.